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Album Recalled!

Due to some very strange iTunes reviews my legal team and I have decided to issue a voluntary recall for Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong. While we can’t explain (and take no responsibility for) reported phenomena—such as birds falling from the sky, spontaneous kidney stones, and siezures—we are allowing anyone …


Rockin’ out at the BORED Tour

Last month’s B.O.R.E.D. Tour at Flappers Comedy Club was a ton of fun, and the extra days spent in beautiful Southern California were filled with typical Californian activities like going to the beach, appearing on internet radio, and watching the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup at a bar filled with …


You’re Covered!

At the big record release party last Monday I received the original 20″x20″ painting over the cover from the brilliant artist Stephen Gardner. Check it out: I can say that my Jazz Hand looks stronger than ever!

BrokelynGTrainpost digs the G Train song!

The good people at the wonderful website were kind enough to repost the G Train video! I’ve been a fan of their site for quite some time as they always have good tips on how to live and play in this ever-more-expensive city. I’m thrilled that they like my …


It’s Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce that Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong has been released! Now available on iTunes,, and (hopefully in a few hours) on I am very excited about this album, it represents a lot of work, fun, love, and spirit, and I hope …


G Train Video Shoot!

Last weekend I rode the rails with some good friends, including Jessica Delfino, Coree Spencer and Sara Bath Lambert, and got some fun footage for the official G Train music video! Look for the video to be released next week, in advance of the June 4 release date of Keep …