I see you eyeing me at the grocery store
You got some just last week and now you’ve come back for more
You’ve tried to cut me out but you just can’t stay away
Four out of Five gods say I’m bad but you want me anyway

By the time I get inside your mind it’s already too late
If you get one whiff of my you know that you can’t wait
To taste my applewood

Travel ’round the world you’ll find I’m big from town to town
I’m in breakfast lunch and dinner, baby, you can’t hold me down
I can be in a hobo skillet or in a martini glass
Or wrap me around shrimp embrouchette and I’ll kick some high class ass

I’ll pummel any pastry, I’ll bury wine and cheese
People want me so bad they’ll get down on their knees
To taste my applewood

From the Northeast to the West Coast, and all the way down south
I make people happy when they put me in their mouth
My smoky flavor will take you for a ride
If you want me you just have to open wide

And taste my applewood.

©2010 Paravonian