Just Us 2 (feat. King Supernuts II)

Girl I just want you
Yeah girl!
i want a world for just us two
Ha ha ha, yeah!
I wish my whole world were the two of us

All right, let’s do this!
Hey man, this song is sort of personal, I don’t think it needs a guest rapper.
Ha ha. Incorrect.

Girl, you’re the best thing in the world
Yeah girl!
And I don’t want anyone but you
He doesn’t want anyone but you
He wants to be alone with you… but I’m here too
When I look deep into your eyes
Your eyes
You are all I see
That’s right, you’re all he sees
There’s only you and him… and me
I want to take you away
let’s go!
To a place where we can finally stay
Ha ha!
In each others arms all night
Yeah, let’s all go away tonight
I’ll be there rappin’ to make the mood right

I wish there only me and you
And me!
I want a world for just us two
Or three!
I wish the whole world were the two of us

Yeah, just the two of us
We’re all alone just you, and us

Girl, I’m sorry for my friends
Yeah, they’re terrible
Sometimes they can’t take a hint
His friends are dense, I tell ‘em time and again
How lame they are but it never sinks in
Take my hand and run with me
Where you goin’?
I want us to be free
Did he forget to text? That’s probably what happened
I guess I’ll stop up at his weekend cabin
Now that we’re finally alone
Oh, come on!
Oh, baby, don’t go home
Where’s she going?
Don’t you know I’d rather be with you?
Yeah girl, he’d rather be with you
Some people, you know, you just can’t get through

Girl I just want you
That’s all we want girl
I want a world for just us two
Just us girl, in our own world
I wish the whole world were the two of us
Two of us girl, it’s a must girl, who ya trust girl? Just us, girl

There’s so much I want to say
Don’t think, man, just do it!
But certain things get in the way
Come on, man up, fight through it
I know you really hate my crew
Yeah, you hate… Who… Wait, what are you talking about?
I know it’s hard to deal
Do you mean KT? You must mean KT
We’re always riding with a third wheel
I know you don’t mean me
I’d ditch them in a second just for you
What! Oh, hell no, man! Hell no!

Girl I just want you
Oh, so you think you can just… well fine!
I want a world with just us two
I got better things to do with my time
I wish the whole world were the two of us
Fine son, that girl, you can have her
Good luck on a pop song without a guest rapper

Oh, that’s what you’re doing? Two years together, man! And you’re throwing it away for a girl you have to croon to?

I can’t believe you finally got rid of that guy. Where did he come from, anyway?

The record company sent him to rap on my first single and he never left.

©2013 Paravonian