Dare I say the mixing is done?

KYJHS-v3_MediumSo today I decided to do one last clean-up pass on a vocal track wherein I reduced the volume of all of the ‘p’s and ‘g’s in the backing vocal tracks because they were cutting through a little too much. Unfortunately it was for the song “I Poop Gold” and there were a lot of them. And it’s odd to listen to the words “I poop gold” over and over again without any backing tracks. In 3-part harmony. Very odd.

I tried to bring them down with de-esser but I couldn’t quite dial it in. I guess that’s why it’s called a “de-esser” and not a “de-gee-er.”

But I think this might be it! I’m going to let the mixes sit for the night and see how they sound tomorrow, and then it may be time to let my little hatchling of an album fly from the nest.