I Poop Gold

People listen to me ’cause I’m a B-list hottie
I got a rockin’ body so people look my way
And since I get attention everybody wants to mention me
In my head that makes me think that I have things to say

You may think I’m lame but you know my name
And this fame took no work to achieve.
I don’t know why, I don’t have to try
That’s why I have been lead to believe

I poop gold, I’m so interesting
I poop gold, I don’t need to think
I poop gold, my job is being me
I poop gold, I get paid handsomely
And I’m great is all I’ve ever been told
I poop gold

People think that I just party but I work really hard
Last week I just started a new workout routine
But I do more than dance I’m trying to advance the world
I tweeted to my fans that it is not nice to be mean

I have no real skill All I do is chill
And I’m still making millions a year.
I don’t wonder how my success is allowed
There’s no doubt, no, the reason is clear

I poop gold, I’m so adored yeah
I poop gold, must be my aura
I poop gold, the public wants more of me
I poop gold, I could never be boring
And my escapades will never get old.
I poop gold.

I believe my every musing has mass appeal
If I’m ever a bitch I’m just keeping it real
With all of these people watching me
I must be everything everybody wants to be

I poop gold, you may think I’m grating
I poop gold, but my life gets good ratings
I poop gold, do you care who I’m dating?
I poop gold, then you’re participating
And if you don’t get me then I just think you’re old
I poop gold.

I poop gold, I’m a phenomenon
I poop gold, I ramble on and on
I poop gold, I’ve got it going on
I poop gold, as long as my show is on

I poop gold, yeah yeah
I poop gold…

©2012 Paravonian