One Word Answers

I come home and I know
That something is the matter
When I get in you don’t join in
With our normal idle chatter
Deep inside of me the desire to flee is stirred
‘Cause when I ask you anything you answer with just one word

Hey babe, how’s it going?
How was your day?
Oh crap. Um, what are your views on gun control?

One Word Answers, this is gonna be bad
One Word Answers, why is she so damn mad?
One Word Answers, I know I should run
‘Cause I’m getting one word answers from you

I’ll never find what’s behind
This drama I just got trapped in
Because it could be literally
Anything that has ever happened
It could be something I said, a TV show
Or a dream that’s causing this mess
I’ll throw out some guesses, baby, just blink twice for yes

Is it what I said about your mother coming to visit?
Is it because I’ve been working late all night? Is it the car?
You wanna go for a ride in the car?



One Word Answers, this could go on all night
One Word Answers, I would rather just fight
One Word Answers, I’d rather get none
Instead of one word answers from you

I’d rather have a riot than unbearable quiet
While I’m walking through this field full of mines
‘Cause all the words she doesn’t say will come back anyway
At the absolute worst possible time

You want to talk now, while the cab is waiting to take me to the airport for a work trip and you had ALL LAST NIGHT TO TELL ME WHY YOU WERE PISSED!?!?

One word answers, like a fart in the room
One word answers, each word spells your doom
One word answers, I should eat a gun
When I get one word answers from you
One world answers, one word answers

I’m so glad we got this all out into the open and I really feel like we can move on and grow as people. Don’t you think we should be people who are in relationships where we feel more free? And I know it only took six hours but it was six hours well spent, don’t you think?

©2013 Paravonian