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BrokelynGTrainpost digs the G Train song!

The good people at the wonderful website were kind enough to repost the G Train video! I’ve been a fan of their site for quite some time as they always have good tips on how to live and play in this ever-more-expensive city. I’m thrilled that they like my …

Pic of post on Time Out New York

Time Out New York posts G Train video!

On just the first day on YouTube, the G Train video got re-posted by Time Out New York, fellow lovers of the weirdness of the G Train. They, like a lot of folks, like the line “it’s like a dive bar on wheels” and they call it “a fun little …


G Train video reposted by New York Observer!

The G Train video gets re-posted by the New York Observer! I knew people would understand the appeal of artisanal commuting and small batch transit. See the whole article here. Here’s a piece: Wonders never cease. One New Yorker has taken the trouble torecord a song about Brooklyn’s most hated subway …